July 9, 2015

School Board votes on housing, salaries

By Jerry W. Kram

The New Town School Board transferred money into its building fund to prepare its property west of North Dakota Highway 1804 for future development and raised the pay of classified staff at its year end meeting on Tuesday, June 30.

The meeting marks the end of the school district’s fiscal year, meaning that all the school’s books need to be balanced. The only major transfer of money was $2 million that was directed from the general fund to the building fund. New Town School Superintendent Marc Bluestone said that the money was needed to start work on developing utilities and streets in the 10 acre development that will have teacher housing and the school’s bus barns. Bluestone said the board had been good about adjusting other funds during the year so no other funds needed to be redirected.

Bluestone said a plat for the development that the district purchased last year was close to being finished. Once it is approved by the city, the district can start installing utilities such as sewer and water pipes and streets and curbs. The new bus barns will be built on the site this summer, but new teacher housing won’t be added until 2016.


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