April 11, 2019

School expansion going as planned

By Jerry W. Kram
With total enrollment hovering around 1,000 for the last few years, the New Town School District has been scrambling to find places to make sure all students have the best opportunity to learn.
A few years ago, the district expanded its high school and built a new CTE (Career and Technical Education) building. Work is proceeding on a major expansion of the Edwin Loe Elementary School, and now it is the middle school’s turn for an addition.
Superintendent Mark Bluestone informed the New Town School Board that bids for the middle school addition will be opened later this month. He also gave them an update on the progress of the elementary school addition. The shell of the new addition is going up right now.
“Everything is going great on the elementary school,” Bluestone said. “We haven’t had any issues, even the winter weather didn’t set us back much. We are on track to open it up in March of next year. It’s going to be a wonderful addition for our students.”

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