December 23, 2015

Sharing Christmas memories


By Edna Sailor

When you talk to people about Christmas, they will almost always include special memories about their families, traditions and experiences. Some memories are traditions and some experiences stand out quite clearly for people because they are unique. But for all, they are special and unforgettable. Some significant Christmas memories are collected here from our readers in Plaza, Makoti, Parshall, and New Town.

Dorothy Johnson shared her story from her home in Arizona. She is from Plaza and remembers the family making a Swedish dish called Kroppkakor each Christmas Eve.

"We had to make quite a bit of it and it would get very smelly because of the onions. It had flour and potato dough and filled with meat and onions. It was sticky and messy and we rolled it into balls to boil in water. We had to make a lot of it because we had a lot of company coming. Then we would get ready for Christmas Eve services and I am sure we went there smelling like the kroppkakor. It was a lot of work, but our family looked forward to eating it," she said.

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