April 27, 2012

Sheriff reports higher activity in New Town

Sheriff reports higher activity in New Town
By Jerry W. Kram

Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson has submitted reports to area communities on his department’s activities in 2011. New Town had a 32 percent increase in sheriff’s calls for the year while Parshall saw an increase of 34 percent.
In 2010, the Sheriff’s Department received 6,242 calls from New Town. That rose to 8,229 in 2011. That averages out to about 22 and a half calls per day. Traffic citations were up by about 6 percent, from 400 in 2010 to 425 in 2011. Arrests increased by 4, from 77 in 2010 to 81 in 2011.
The arrests in New Town included 19 for Driving Under the Influence, 18 Driving Under Suspension, 5 DUI and DUS, 5 Illegal Aliens, 4 Disorderly Conduct, and one each for Simple Assault, DUI Possession of Drug Paraphernalia & Gallatin County Warrant for theft;  Physical Obstruction of Government Vehicle & Disorderly Conduct; Disorderly Conduct (2 counts) and Physical Obstruction of Government Function; Domestic Violence (Aggravated Assault); Fleeing or attempting to elude Police Officer & Criminal Trespassing; False info to Police Officer & Anoka County warrants out of Minnesota; Theft of Services; Violated Work Permit restrictions; Minor in Consumption (MIC) & Burglary at night; Shoplifting and Theft of Services; DUI, DUS, Disorderly Conduct, Prevent Arrest and Terrorizing; MIC, Burglary and Criminal Trespassing; MIC; False Information to Police Officer and Resisting Arrest; DUI and Leaving Scene of an accident; DUS and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Mountrail County Warrant for Failure to Appear on Possession of Paraphernalia and Marijuana; DUS and Bench Warrant for Ward County for Failure to Comply; and a Wells County Warrant for NSF.

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