January 17, 2019

Shutdown starts to impact region

By Edna Sailor
We are moving into the fourth week of the government shutdown and it is likely people will want to know how it impacts our area. It is a mixed bag for us.
The two largest cities in our area are not feeling any impact at all. New Town Auditor, Elaine Zahn reports funds are flowing normally here at the city. Parshall Auditor, Kelly Woessner agrees. Parshall is seeing a normal flow of money. However she noted that this is not grant application season yet and the city would see some difficulties if it were grant application time.
New Town School Superintendent, Marc Bluestone is comfortable that the shut down has not hurt his operation with one exception.
“I have one grant that I needed to follow up on with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and they appear to be shut down. There was a sign on the door the last time I went over there.”
Since the BIA operates federally, that would seem correct. No phones were being answered either this week.
Three Affiliated Tribes Councilman, Mervyn Packineau, weighed in on the TAT situation.

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