February 9, 2017

Six decades of valentines

By Edna Sailor
If you are looking for a good Valentine’s Day story, there is one right here in Parshall. You know this couple as Marilyn and Kent Hudson. This year they have been married for 58 years. That courtship and marriage also happened in Parshall.
You see, Marilyn grew up in Elbowoods and Kent grew up in Parshall. Things changed of course, and Marilyn moved into Parshall. Now, this is not one of those love at first sight stories as they go. Marilyn described the beginning of the relationship. Both Marilyn and Kent were eighteen years old. Things were much different in those days.
“It wasn’t like it is today where people ‘hookup’. Courtship was still very much the normal way to date back then. We took the time when we saw an interest in each other just get to know more about each other as time went on,” Hudson said.
While couples today have hundreds of choices for ways to explore a relationship, the Hudsons are perfectly content with how young love flowed back then.

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