April 16, 2010

Statistical miracle

Statistical miracle
Angus triplets born on New Town ranch

Calving season is usually an exciting time of year on any ranch, but occasionally nature will provide a little extra incentive.
That’s what happened on the Baker Family Ranch near New Town April 7, when an Angus cow gave birth to triplets.
This cow had delivered seven individual calves in her life, according to Kyle Baker, and was expecting with twins, but not triplets.
The two females and one bull, born at 6 a.m., last Wednesday, are all healthy and are all feeding properly. Baker has the new family of bovines in a corral to keep a closer eye on them and to protect family members and other animals from the protective mother.
“She’s a feisty cow,” Baker said. “She knocked my nephew down and chased my wife.”
It’s a testament this writer can verify. Upon attempting to photograph the new calves, the cow tried butting the photographer several times even though a fence stood between them.
“She’s an older cow,” Baker said. “We call her Kate, you know, from Kate plus 8.”
According to Baker, when he found her early Wednesday morning, she up and licking the calves. Prior to the birth, he said her belly was big so he assumed she might be having twins.
He was close.

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