December 27, 2018

Stay safe on New Year’s Eve

By Edna Sailor
Happy New Year. That is a salutation we will be hearing often soon as many of us gather to ring in 2019.  We all want to enjoy the occasion, but there are some precautions that ride side by side with the celebrations.
Over consumption of alcohol especially on this holiday is notorious for causing a myriad of problems.
Safety is the overriding concern for everyone.
Tyler Rintinaki, Chief of the New Town Police Department, advises the best protection from death or injury is to obtain a reliable designated driver. He also advises that people take weather into consideration.
“If you plan to walk anywhere, be sure you are dressed warmly enough,” he said.
New Town Police Department will have its normal staffing of officers on New Year’s Eve this year. Driving under the Influence is a hazard for everyone and costly. No local bars or lounges reported providing transportation for those who have over consumed alcohol. However, one resource will be available.
Taxi Joe owner Joe Howard in New Town will be running two units all day and night on New Years. The cost of the service is $7 per person for multiple riders and a $10 minimum for the service. The number to call is 701-334-3060. Plans are in the works to add a vehicle that can travel remotely to rigs and other rural areas, but that is not yet in place at this time.
“Payment for the service is the responsibility of the individual and not the business,” he said. 
 The North Dakota Highway Patrol advises it will also have officers on patrol. Patrolmen advise friends and neighbors to look out for each other. The familiar saying, “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk,” comes to mind.

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