January 9, 2014

Students have Midas touch

By Jerry W. Kram

There may be some budding financial geniuses lurking in the halls of the New Town Middle School.

Seventh and Eighth Grade students in Roger Behm’s personal finance classes took part in Stock Market Game coordinated by the North Dakota Securities Department. Two of the Eighth Grade teams took first and second place in the state of North Dakota in the contest’s middle school division.

Both teams secured a 35% gain, approximately $36,000, on their investments. The first place winning team included Caitlyn Tveter, Ceara Little Soldier, and Elena Rodriquez. The second place winning team included Hailey White Owl, Shealyse Chase, Redaya Red Fox, and Elizabeth Lockwood. One of Behm’s seventh grade classes also participated in the Stock Market Game.

Behm has been participating with his classes in the North Dakota Securities Department sponsored Stock Market Game since 1997.

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