April 8, 2011

Study builds strong case for more housing

Study builds strong case for more housing
BHG News Service

A study of New Town and Parshall’s housing needs confirmed what many already knew: the area is bursting at the seams.
Dan Uran, New Town’s mayor and school’s business manager, sees first hand how tight the housing situation impacts the community.
“We have been short of housing and hopfully this summer we will start to address that,” he said. “I have had a few developers approach me looking for property. The biggest thing is finding property at this point.”
Parshall mayor Richard Bolkan sees the same: “Well right now the housing issue is pretty bad as far as lack of housing. We out in 20 apartment units between winter and spring and they are all full. It’s getting to be a major concern around here.”
The study, commissioned by the Department of Commerce and completed by a Minot firm in December, shows that northwestern North Dakota housing will be in short supply until at least 2025. The study, designed to be a tool for developers, gave these projections:

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