November 5, 2015

Taking care of the new stuff

By Edna Sailor

New Town has survived its spring and summer without a Main Street. With a little care, the new streets and sidewalks will last for decades and the city of New Town wants to make sure that happens.

"Our main street is open. It looks great and it will take some care and maintenance by everyone to keep it looking good," said Daryl, Lyson, New Town City Coordinator.

To make that happen, snow removal is one of the first thing on Lyson’s mind.

"It is important that all businesses on Main Street be aware that the concrete is still curing and that the salt (chloride) we normally use will eat through the surface of the new concrete if it is used. It is in the best interest of business and everyone to keep the sidewalks in good shape and protect the property value they contribute," he said.

For that reason the city of New Town has issued a prohibition on the use of crystal ice melt products for winter of 2015-2016.

The city purchased a supply of a substance known as CRC-965 which will not damage the new concrete. To assist the business community with the goal of maintaining the new concrete, the city will provide the product for the first year. City Auditor, Eileen Zaun, will be notifying businesses by official letter. Business owners are required to contact the city office to pick up the product per the letter instructions.

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