February 14, 2013

TAT Law Enforcement gets digital

TAT Law Enforcement gets digital
By Jerry W. Kram

The Three Affiliated Tribes Law Enforcement has to patrol six communities and hundreds of miles of roads across a reservation split by Lake Sakakawea. The department has made even busier by the oil boom, which has resulted in the another boom of accidents and crime. All of this activity has been cataloged over the the years on paper files that had to be accessed by hand if the data was needed for the courts, insurance claims or statistical reports.
That is changing as the Tribal Law Enforcement will begin using a digital dispatch and records management system on March 1. Nelson L. Heart, Public Safety Administrator for the TAT Law Enforcement said the new system will save the department hundreds of hours of record keeping headaches.
“This system will handle the entire process from the dispatcher getting the call, to the officer writing the report, to the detention center to the courts,” Nelson said. “It will also let us analzye the data. Say someone want to know how many juveniles we've arrested in a certain time, we can get that.”
If the TAT Law Enforcement wanted to produce statistical reports for the Tribal Business Council, grant applications or for other government agencies, the secretaries would have to go through all the reports by hand and compile the statistics. Nelson added that the department also gets several requests from insurance companies checking on claims every day, adding to the burden.

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