February 17, 2012

Temporary housing installed for clinic staff

Temporary housing installed for clinic staff
By Jerry W. Kram

A baby step in the struggle to create affordable housing for staff of the Elbowoods Memorial Clinic took places last week as temporary trailers and modular (manufactured) homes were put in place on the north edge of New Town.
The development north and east of the Northern Lights Building will eventually have 40 homes built for clinic staff and tribal law enforcement officers. There is a critical shortage of housing in the New Town area and this has been an impediment for clinic managers trying to recruit doctors, nurses and technicians to staff the facility. Currently, staff from the clinic live as far away as Williston and Minot and have to commute many miles for work.
Elbowoods project manager Jim Foote said the Tribal Business Council approved water and electrical hookup for 10 trailers and four manufactured homes last month.

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