March 14, 2013

Temporary stop lights to get a little less temporary

Temporary stop lights to get a little less temporary
By Jerry W. Kram

New Town’s temporary stop lights will get a little less temporary in April, when the mobile lights now controlling traffic at the junction of North Dakota Highways 23 and 1804 will be replaced by a sturdier setup that will be out of the way of traffic.
The New Town City Council voted to sign an agreement with North Dakota Department of Transportation that the city will take responsibility for maintaining the lights at a special council meeting on March 6. That cleared the way for the DOT to begin installing the lights in April.
The new lights will be mounted on 45 foot wooden poles and will include left turn arrow signals and pedestrian crossing lights. Main Street (Highway 23) will also have designated a left turn lane onto Highway 1804, which should help prevent some of the back ups that now occur at the intersection.

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