May 18, 2017

Thinking about the unthinkable

First responders train to handle mass casualties
By Edna Sailor
“We hope the team remains at the ready with little to no use,” is what Tim Weidrich, the North Dakota Emergency Preparedness and Response Section Chief had to say about the recent three day statewide mass casualty training.
New Town Police Chief James Johns participated in that training and echoed a similar sentiment.
“It’s something we hope we will never need to use, but it critical that we are prepared if a mass casualty event occurs,” Johns said.
Mass casualty events may occur from explosions, fires, weather related events such as tornadoes, bombings, airplane crashes and many more. Based on what is known and documented about the nature of such events the Health Department training included different simulations including a hands-on search and recovery field exercise, preparing and processing a temporary morgue facility, family assistance support operations, human remains decontamination procedures, victim and personal effects identification, and critical incident stress management.
Chief James Johns thinks the event was well attended and enjoyed meeting people from across the state.

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