August 18, 2008

Thirty file for tribal council positions

Tribal voters had until Tuesday of this week to challenge the eligibility of the 30 potential candidates who filed for the three tribal business council positions up for election this fall. Besides electing council district representatives, voters will also be asked to elect the chief judge of the Fort Berthold District Court. Two candidates have filed for the judge position. All candidates had until Thursday, Aug. 7 to declare their candidacy with the tribal election board. The election board released a preliminary and unofficial list of council and judge candidates on Friday of last week. No voter challenges were filed by this week’s deadline, according to Tribal Election Board Chairman Roy Bird Bear. In a second round, the election board will now also start screening all candidates for eligibility. Candidates were required to file a notice of candidacy identifying their residence, tribal enrollment, and legal or military service, if any. An official list of candidates is expected to be released on or before Aug. 22, according to the election board chairman. Malcolm Wolf, New Town/Little Shell; Evelyn Hale, Mandaree councilwoman; and Frank White Calfe, White Shield representative currently hold the three council positions up for election. There are a total of seven council positions on the tribal business council, each with a four-year term.

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