November 26, 2010

Traffic lights coming to New Town

Traffic lights coming to New Town
Engineer briefs city council on DOT guidelines

Alan Estvold told the New Town City Council last Wednesday that he will lobby the North Dakota Department of Transportation for two temporary traffic lights.
The council has been debating traffic signals several months and because permanent lights cost nearly $300,000 each, council members suggested temporary lights, such as those at construction sites to see if they will control traffic through downtown.
Mayor Dan Uran said it would be a tremendous waste of money should the permanent lights were installed and it turns out they don’t work.
Council member Darryl Salter suggested Estvold make his best attempt to secure temporary traffic lights to show the DOT that the city council is serious about a serious traffic problem on N.D. Highway 23 that is also Main Street.
Estvold told the council he believes that DOT will drag its feet upon hearing the temporary request. But, Estvold added temporary lights are about $20,000 each and the city would be responsible for maintenance as long as they are used.

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