February 11, 2011

Tri-City CARES Inc., awarded CQL accreditation

Tri-City CARES Inc., awarded CQL accreditation
Cheryl Evensvold announced that Tri-City CARES Inc., has been awarded the four-year CQL accreditation from the The Council on Quality and Leadership. Evensvold is the executive director of Tri-City CARES.
The announcement completes a six-month process for Tri-City CARES and confirms that the organization shar5es CQL’s vision for person-directed solutions to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and people with mental illness.
“Anticipated changes for Tri-City CARES, as a result of CQL accreditation focus on community involvement,” Evensvold said. “This will include enhancing community integration and working toward greater community awareness of Tri-City CARES mission and purpose.”
James P. Gardner, Ph.D., president and CEO of CQL, stated “CQL commends Tri-City CARES for its success in increasing the quality of life for the poeple it supports. CQL accreditation signifies organizational excellence in promoting a common vision of community participation and quality of life for all people.”

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