November 15, 2018

Tribal Council members take their seats

By Jerry W. Kram
A large crowd gathered at the Northern Lights Building to celebrate the swearing in of Three Affiliated Tribes Chairman Mark Fox and three tribal council members following last week’s election.
Fox and Four Bears Representative V. Judy Brugh were elected in the Nov. 6 election. Lucky Mound Representative Mervin Packineau and Twin Buttes Representative Cory Spotted Bear received more than 50 percent of the vote in the primary election in September and didn’t have to run in the general election.
“We are going to continue our infrastructure development in the next four years,” Fox said. “We did $200 million worth in the last four years. We’ve still got more to do. We have tax agreements to fix. We have ownership of the riverbed to establish. We have more taken land to get back. We have more houses to build. We want to build 200 more units, and some assisted living units.”
Fox said one of his priorities is government reform. He wants to establish voting for off-reservation tribal members, clear separation of powers and term limits.
“That’s what coming,” Fox said. “The council has really stepped up to support just about everything I wanted to do. They see that we are working as a very good team and want to continue that team. They will say that I didn’t try to control or dictate to them. I told them, ‘If you do good things in your segment, I will support you.’ They like that approach.”
Brugh said the last year has been a trying time for the Four Bears Segment, but even so a lot of progress has been made. She wants to see the segment continue to add services for its members and expand economic growth.


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