September 12, 2008

Tribal primary election next week

Tribal primary election next week
Tribal voters in three Fort Berthold districts will be asked to choose from a list of candidates for tribal council representative on Tuesday of next week. Three of the seven tribal council members are up for election this year.
Tribal council candidates will be on the ballot in the New Town/Little Shell Segment, Mandaree West Segment, and White Shield Segment. All positions are four-year terms. The two candidates who receive the highest number of votes in each segment will then go on the general election ballot in November.
In New Town/Little Shell, the current councilman Malcolm Wolf is asking his district to return him back into the office. Eleven others challengers will be on the ballot next week. They are Carroll Howling Wolf, Jackie Jackson, Renee Mayer, Donna Morgan, Elise L Packineau, Connie R. Azure-Wilkinson, Scott Eagle, Titus Hall, Dakota Heart, Carson Hood, Jr., and Vickie Alberts. A candidate’s forum was scheduled of Wednesday evening of this week at the Northern Lights building in New Town.
In White Shield, incumbent councilman Frank White Calfe is on the ballot with Loren L. White, Sr., Thomas ‘Tooksie’ Eagle, Madonna White Bear-Azure, Frank M. Felix, and Fred Fox.
Mandaree voters will select from seven council candidates: Lloyd A. Vigen, Ted Lone Fight, III, Katherine Young Bear, Randy Phelan, Nathan P. Good Iron, Arnold D. Strahs, and Lyle Gwin Sr.

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