July 26, 2018

Trump tariffs target New Town

By Jerry W. Kram
Tariffs on steel imposed by the Trump Administration could wind up costing water users in New Town a pretty penny.
At its regular monthly meeting, the New Town City Council deliberated over bids for a new city water tower planned just north of the United Quality facility on North Dakota Highway 1804. The bids on what was anticipated to be a $2 million project came in more than a half million dollars over the budgeted amount.
Deon Stockert, an engineer with AE2S, said the bidders on the project told him that they expect to pay an additional $600,000 for steel for the water tower because of the federal tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration. Along with higher than expected cost for the land for the tower, the city will have to pay more than $1 million more for the project than it expected, just over $3 million in total.

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