June 4, 2010

Two campaigning for New Town mayor

Two campaigning for New Town mayor
Business and tribal backgrounds touted


Both candidates for New Town mayor consider a housing shortage a major problem in a growing community. But there are other issues to contend with and both candidates spoke candidly about what they intend to do if elected to the city’s highest office.
The primary election will be held on Tuesday. Both candidates are urging residents of New Town to get out and vote for the candidate of their choice.
Fred Poitra, who is new to politics, said New Town is experiencing growing pains, but he has a passion for this community and has a number of ideas to help it grow gracefully.
Incumbent Dan Uran is running for his first election after being appointed mayor last year in April following the death of Mayor Clare Aubol. Uran calls himself a “doer, not a talker,” and is intent on being a good leader in the community.

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