November 7, 2008

Voter turn out heavy for

Voter turn out heavy for

historic presidential election




Not since John F. Kennedy was elected president in 1960 have voters been so energized about a presidential election, which will bring change to the White House come January.

In North Dakota, Gov. John Hoeven rode his popularity the past eight years to an unprecedented third term and said he will continue on the path of making the state a national leader in energy and agriculture development.

Voter turnout was heavy across the state and in Mountrail County’s nine precincts. County Auditor Joan Hollekim was hoping Tuesday afternoon she would have enough ballots to get through this historic election.

"I hope it’s an historic election," she said. "We’ll compare it to the last election and others."

Hollekim didn’t have exact numbers late Tuesday afternoon but said she was traveling across the county and noted a long line in the New Town Civic Center, but said it appeared there would be a high count in all the precincts.

Hollekim suggested there would be a higher number of voters in Mountrail County this Election Day because of new people moving into the area this year. Several were eligible to vote for the first time, but many others are here because of their

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