February 7, 2019

Weather breaks favor Bite the Ice

Weather breaks favor Bite the Ice
By Jerry W. Kram
The 2019 Bite the Ice at the Hook threaded the needle between bone-chilling below zero temperatures and 10 inches of snow and anglers who braved the ice were rewarded with one of the best tournaments results in recent memory.
Shortly after 11 a.m. there were enough fish caught that all of the categories were full. That’s also when anglers started bringing in big, fat walleyes more than two feet long. Not to be outdone, pike fishermen brought in not one, not two, but three three-foot long monsters, only to see them all dwarfed by a 42.5 inch monster brought in by Olaf Drosdol. Pat McCarty claimed the walleye prize with a 28.5 inch lunker. Nick Sundahl was the first to bring in a 9.5 inch perch to claim first in that division.

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