November 13, 2009

What will take its place on our holiday plates?

What will take its place on our holiday plates?
In just a couple weeks, North Dakotans will thankfully fill their plates and their tummies to overflowing.
On most days, according to the North Dakota Prairie Poll, they prefer red meat to white.
But this is Thanksgiving, after all, and there is a turkey of tradition.
So when Thanksgiving dinner is served up, folks in this state and elsewhere will be choosing between white meat and dark, rather than red meat and white.
So what else will be on their plates?
People from 11 rural North Dakota communities that were surveyed by the Prairie Poll say their bread will be more wheat than white, and most of them will slather it with butter. None of this margarine stuff.
If they’re having salad, ranch dressing will be preferred to French, and most of those who have a glass of wine with the meal will take the red rather than the white.
After plopping onto the couch for some football and waking up later in the afternoon, will they graze for a couple of cookies or a bag of chips?

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