May 18, 2012

What’s the future of the Bakken?

What’s the future of the Bakken?
By Jerry W. Kram

Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of articles about information presented at the MHA Nation Bakken Oil and Gas Expo held on May 8&9.
The biggest question facing planners in the Bakken is, “Yes, we have a crazy amount of activity now, but how long is it going to last?”
North Dakotans tend to view the oil industry a little bit like a boyfriend who has jilted us before. The memory of communities pushed into bankruptcy when oil activity plummeted in the 1980s is still fresh in many peoples’ minds. That has led some communities to be slow off the mark in responding to the needs of their rapidly changing populations.
At the MHA Nation Oil and Gas Expo, one oil company presented its plans for the next several years on the Fort Berthold Reservation. Steve Kovacevich
Marathon currently has eight drilling rigs working in North Dakota. Three of those rigs are operating on the Fort Berthold Reservation. Marathon began operating in the Bakken in 2006. It drilled its first well on tribal allotee’s land on Fort Berthold in 2008. In the 12 years working the Bakken the company has drilled nearly 300 wells.

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