March 18, 2011

Winter storm strands hundreds across the state

Winter storm strands hundreds across the state
Rain, ice, snow, blowing snow, zero visability all occur in 1 day

Winter came back quickly with a vengence Friday, stranding at least 800 motorists across the state of North Dakota.
Closer to home, approximately 15 vehicles were left abandoned because of the storm on N.D. Highway 23 between New Town and Makoti, a stretch of about 30 miles, while several others were stranded on N.D. Highway 37 south of Parshall, prior to that road drifting shut for a time.
The vehicles included a Minot Air Force Base Humvee that was stranded alongside the road at the Van Hook road and N.D. Highway 8, 6 miles east of New Town, a bread truck just north of Parhsall and a pickup truck with Washington license plates, rolled on its side on the Fort Berthold boundary near Makoti.
Motorists were rescued by the North Dakota Highway Patrol and others who were out with heavy equipment, pushing through snow banks and looking for those stranded. There were no reports of injuries or anyone being out overnight.

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