June 27, 2019

Yellow Bird attends Girls State

By Edna Sailor
Two area students participated in the North Dakota Legion and Auxiliary Boys and Girls State Programs this year. The 2019 participants are Aleeya Yellow Bird from New Town and Bradyn Lenning from Plaza. Both participants distinguished themselves in unique ways.
Yellow Bird presented comments to a recent Beck Sherven Foreman Legion Auxiliary meeting.
“I thought that it was a great opportunity. It gave me a chance to look at government as a larger picture. I especially enjoyed the parts of the governmental process that gave us the chance to bring people together. I liked the aspect of coming together. I know from my own experience growing up on my reservation that politics is always a part of people’s lives. It was fun to learn the parts of government and how they can fit together. I am hoping to dabble in politics someday. I will probably get a law degree first, though. Most of the students who participated with me felt like I did. We found government to be more interesting than we thought. It is so interesting you have to go there yourself to find out,” Yellow Bird said.

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