April 3, 2014

Big show comes to New Town

Big show comes to New Town

4 Bears Fight Card shown on ESPN

By Jerry W. Kram

The punches were flying at the 4 Bears Casino Events Center as the ESPN Sports Network broadcast Friday Night Fights live from New Town.

Two bouts were telecast as part of the "Boxcino Tournament" set up by Banner Promotions. The company created a tournament for eight lightweight (135 pound) boxers and another for 160 pound middleweight boxers. The event Friday was the semifinal matches of the lightweight tournament and featured victories by Fernando Carcamo and Petr Petrov over Miguel Gonzalez and Chris Rudd.

Carcamo got a first round knockdown over Gonzalez and held on for a decision in a very close majority decision. Petrov dispatched Rudd with a fourth round knockout.

Bringing a national television program to New Town is a major undertaking. Arthur R. Pelullo, owner of Banner Promotions said more than 70 people including the boxers came to New Town to put on the show, 45 of whom are part of the ESPN crew. ESPN also hired a number of local people to work on lighting and other aspects of the event.

"There are numerous people who have had a hand in this event," said Erich Baden, an operations assistant for ESPN. "We have had a couple of locals who helped us out. I arrived here Wednesday night and we worked all day Thursday and all day Friday to be ready to go for the fights tonight."

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