October 17, 2019

Boxing Exhibition a knockout

By Logan J. Davis
The Holy Child Boxing Club is going strong and the team coaches and young boxers put on a great show for their fans last weekend.
Rocking the Rez Amateur Boxing Sparring Event was a spectacle of young boxers doing their best in the ring. However, the first challenge of the day was to put up the boxing ring and many local supporters joined in as a team to set up the ring.
All of the boxers were eager to get in that ring and spar with one another and at last, the job was complete and coaches Laura Reed Sandoval and Bethany Fox invited the young pugilists into the ring. It was a great show with young boxers of various ages, skills and experience levels taking part in sparring sessions to the delight of their coaches and the fans who came to cheer the youth on. All in all, it was a memorable day for the boxers and all who attended the two-day event.

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