February 12, 2015

Eagle boys take two

By Jerry W. Kram

The New Town Eagles Boys Basketball Team bounced back from a loss to take two wins with district tournaments just a few weeks away. The Eagles came back to beat Turtle Lake Mercer McClusky Trojans 58-54 and and crushed the Kenmare Honkers 79-44. The 11-6 Honkers came into the game on a roll, after winning their last eight games.

Against the Kenmare Honkers Thursday, the Eagles were without starting senior Elijah Grady because of an eligibility issue. The team didn’t seem to miss him as Darryl Grady scored 24 points, Payton White Owl 21 points and Terrence Steel 12 to lead the team in scoring. White Owl had 18 of his points in the first half.

"Payton can shoot anytime and came out with a chip on his shoulder," White said. "He wasn’t pleased with his effort (against Parshall last week) and now he has something to prove. Hopefull it will carry through the rest of the season."

White Owl’s final points of the game came on a three point shot from the corner as he was falling down after getting his legs tangled up with a defender.

"I wasn’t surprised by that shot," White said. "I see him do that in practice all the time."

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