November 17, 2016

Eagle runners on national stage

By Jerry W. Kram
It isn’t just North Dakota that is paying a lot of attention to the New Town Eagles Cross Country Team.
In recent weeks the team has been recognized as one of the best small high school cross country teams in the nation and proved it was competitive with the best cross country teams in a seven state region.
Cross Country Coach Brian Anderson said the Track and Cross Country National Coaches Association named New Town as the best cross country team in Division II, which is for high schools with fewer than 600 students. The team was presented with a National Championship banner to be displayed at the high school.
“The association does a national ranking during the season,” Anderson said. “It’s not a race, it is more of a coach’s poll. We were chosen as the number one team in the nation. They also ranked all teams no matter the size of the school, and we were number 30 on that list. I thought that was quite an accomplishment too.”

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