July 30, 2010

Eagles attend camp at Chadron State

Eagles attend camp at Chadron State
Montgomery takes football team to highly touted Nebraska training

A local football team that has struggled to find wins, players and respect in northwestern North Dakota, may have hit the jackpot.
New Town Eagles head coach Mike Montgomery took most of the 2010 team to a training camp in June to Chadron State in western Nebraska. Montgomery, who has connections at the high profile NCAA Division II school, said the high school players learned a lot from their collegiate counterparts and are certainly ready for the new season to get started.
“I went to that camp there when I was in high school,” Montgomery said. “I went to college and played with some of the guys and I know the coach.”
Montgomery, who was assistant coach last year, said 23 New Town players attended the camp, which is more players than were on the team mid-season last fall. Typically, the camp will have 80 to 100 high school students attending at one time.

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