October 4, 2012

Eagles dominate Williston at Cross Country Meet

Eagles dominate Williston at Cross Country Meet
Most of the West Region Class B teams were represented at the meet at Williston Thursday, Sept. 27, and it gave the Eagles an idea of where they are at in the West Region compared to the other teams.
The Eagles took command of the boys division finishing with 28 points versus Shiloh Christian with 75, Beulah - Hazen 101, Bowman 133, and Mandan 190 to round out the top 5 of the 15 teams competing.
There were 72 runners in the boys varsity division. Leading the Eagles was Scott Hale finishing in 2nd place, followed by Ryan Wheeling third, Joe Baker sixth, Chace Hale eighth, Dylan Bear ninth, and Terrance Steele tenth to finish with all six of the Eagles’ runners in the top 10. In the junior high boys division, Daniel LeBeau won first place and Jalen Chase finished in fourth out of the 71 total runners. It was an excellent team outing for the Eagles.

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