January 24, 2013

Eagles drop two at home

Eagles drop two at home
By Jerry W. Kram

Coach Chuck Hunter saw last week’s game against the Beulah Miners as a chance to see how the team stacks up against top rated talent. The Eagles couldn’t match the number one ranked Miners height or speed and fell by a score of 66-36.
“They’ve got height and they’ve got speed,” Hunter said. “That a combination that benefits a lot of teams. Coming into a game like this we couldn’t make the little mistakes. You let that happen and it will show.”
In the first quarter it looked like New Town would be able to match up with the Miners. The Eagles were within a point of the lead until the Miners got a last second buzzer beater to take a three point lead after the first quarter. In the second quarter, the differences in the teams began to show as Beulah started getting more rebounds and forcing turnovers. Hunter said some of the turnovers were self inflicted but many were caused by the Miners tough defense.
“We couldn’t throw any lob (passes) because of their quickness and height, they picked them off,” Hunter said. “The guys saw it and understood it. Beulah also looks to speed up the other team’s offense. They force you to adjust and change your style.”

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