September 7, 2017

Eagles notch first 11 man victory

By Jerry W. Kram
It has been a few years since the New Town Eagles have notched a football victory on their home field, and even longer since they won a game as an 11 man football team. But the Eagles accomplished both feats Friday, downing the Lewis & Clark Berthold Bombers in overtime by a score of 16-10.
The Bombers drew first blood, marching down the field to set up a scoring pass nine minutes into the game. The Eagles offense struggled to start the game. Their first possession ended in a fumble and their second an interception. On their third possession, they had to punt, but gave back most of that yardage with a personal foul and a holding penalty on the return.
In the second quarter, Coach Len Abrams had the team go into a hurry up, no-huddle offense. On the Eagles first possession, Bronson Flynn broke off the Eagles first long run of the game for about 25 yards, but the Eagles were still forced to punt. However, on the team’s second drive of the quarter, they drove inside the 10 an Flynn scored on a six yard run. The two point conversion gave the Eagles a lead at 8-7. The Eagles threw the Bomber offense for back to back losses on the next drive to force a punt. However, the Eagles gave the ball back on another fumble that allowed the Bombers to retake the lead on a field goal, 10-7.

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