October 1, 2014

Eagles rough up the Raiders


By Jerry W. Kram

The New Town Eagles Football team combined some aerial acrobatics with good old-fashioned smashmouth football to win their second homecoming game in as many years, outscoring the Drake-Anamoose Raiders 36-26.

The Eagles had one of their better defensive efforts of the year, said head coach Mike Montgomery. Although the Raiders did manage a few long plays for touchdowns, the Eagles physically dominated their opponent this week.

"We have a good defense when we show up," Montgomery said. "The Grady boys are great athletes. Our defensive line is good and our secondary is improving. It’s a tough defense, and they do know how to hit."

The game lasted 3½ hours because a couple of Raiders players were injured and the game was delayed twice to wait for the ambulance to arrive.

"That’s the kind of game we like to play," Montgomery said. "We hit well, and we run well and that’s the game we like to play. You never want kids to be hurt, but football is a tough, physical game. It was unfortunate, but we have to play physical football. We have to get back to New Town football."

Darryl Grady provided much of the team’s punch on offense, getting the majority of the teams running plays. He was very effective on runs to the sidelines, shrugging off or carrying tacklers for positive yardage. The Eagles came out in the second half throwing the ball, and Elijah Grady and Zeb Demaray both made receptions for long gains in the second half.

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