December 20, 2012

Eagles take down Wolves in overtime

Eagles take down Wolves in overtime
by Michelle Brown

The Eagles played a tight game last Thursday, as they played against the Watford City Wolves, winning by one point in overtime in the last minute of the game, 69-68.
The scores were neck and neck. The audience was on their feet ,screaming, as the ball went hurling in the air to put the Eagles on top by one point, winning the game.
It had all the makings for a great ball game. The second game of the season played against one of the best teams in the district two rivals, a big crowd, and a lot of energy. Early the game, it was evident that these teams were pretty evenly matched. The largest point spread at any one time was six points.
With the ball going back and forth, it was anybody’s court. Wayne Fox a 5’9” Junior this year playing guard, Nelson White Tail, 6’1”a senior playing forward sophomore Elijah Grady playing center standing 6’3”all scored early to give the Eagles to 11-8 in the first quarter.
The Eagles also had their share of fouls, which led to points for Watford City. New Town committed seven fouls in the first quarter alone, as opposed to three fouls for the Wolves.

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