January 20, 2012

Eagles wrestlers building experience

Eagles wrestlers building experience
By Jerry W. Kram\

The New Town wrestling team entered the 2011-2012 losing a lot of experience with wrestlers graduating from high school. Second year head coach, Mike Montgomery, doesn’t see losing the athletes as a disadvantage but rather looks ahead to a promising group of grapplers in the coming years.
“We lost Slade Stringer, McCrae Danks, Billy Hall, Jesse Bear, Jace Uran,” said Montgomery. “That is five leaders that have been here for quite a long time. They were experienced guys. We have gone from two ends of the spectrum here-we’ve gone from very experienced to fresh guys that fully don’t understand the sport because it takes a long time to learn. These guys are throwing themselves into it with everything they’ve got and between weight-lifting time and wrestling time, I couldn’t be more impressed with them.

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