March 30, 2012

FBCC Teams show their mettle at AIHEC

FBCC Teams show their mettle at AIHEC
By Jerry W. Kram

Fort Berthold Community College is starting to build an athletics program. The men’s and women’s basketball teams culminated their inaugural season at the American Indian Higher Education Conference Tournament this past weekend.
The College has played in the AIHEC tournament before, said men’s head coach Clinton Wolf, but his is the first year the FBCC has tried to play a full season worth of games. The teams were at a disadvantage in the tournament with only five players on the men’s team and seven on women’s team, two of whom were hurt. But Wolf said the teams were competitive in every game they played.
“This is the first year we’ve tried to have a consistent program,” Wolf said. “So it’s been a little bit of struggle trying to schedule games. It will take a few years to get a solid program. But we have had a successful season.”
The tournament started last Thursday, March 22, said FBCC Athletic Director Joni Bolman. Both teams were bumped to the second division in pool play. The men’s team wound up taking second place in the bracket play and the women’s team place third. She said the results were good considering the minimal number of players on the teams.

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