November 13, 2014

Lady Eagles lend a hand


By Jerry W. Kram

It’s not unusual to see a sports team hanging out away from the court. It’s a little more unusual to see them hanging out in yellow vests picking up trash.

The New Town Eagles girls basketball team has been working around town the last couple of weeks cleaning up area streets and parks and working for local businesses as a fundraiser for the team. Head Coach Cliff Tollefson said the girls are working for local merchants and other businesses to raise money for the team.

"Rather just asking for a handout, we are going to businesses and seeing if they have any projects that need to be done," Tollefson said. "If we do a little project for them, maybe they will donate to us. We are doing this to teach the girls a little dependability, responsibility and work ethic – as well as helping the community."

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