May 17, 2018

Little Braves run for gold in Parshall

By Jerry W. Kram
After a hiatus of several year, the shouts and cheers for elementary athletes once more fills the air of the high school track in Parshall.
School Board President Michelle Hoff helped revive the Parshall School District’s elementary sports program. More than 150 pint sized athletes from across Fort Berthold attended the school’s first meet in early May and more than 100 came to the second meet this week. White Shield, Mandaree and New Town all participated in the running, jumping and throwing events.
“We have a lot of second grade and younger kids in Parshall,” Hoff said. “I was thinking we might get 25 or 30 of our kids and a few from New Town. All of a sudden it was huge. It was way more than I expected.”
Hoff said she wanted today’s students to have the same opportunities she had going to Parshall schools.
“I have a passion for track and field,” Hoff said. “I want my kids to experience what I had growing up.”

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