April 6, 2012

Little Eagles look to be basketball stars

Little Eagles look to be basketball stars
By Jerry W. Kram

“What’s this?” asks Arnie Grady.
“A pivot,” answers a chorus of elementary students in the gymnasium at the Edwin Loe Elementary School.
“What’s that?” Grady asks, pointing at the gym floor.
“The three point line,” comes back another chorus of 50 young voices.
Those are the kind of fundamentals Grady is passing on to the next generation of Eagles and Lady Eagles basketball players. He has spent the last week drilling second through fifth graders in the fundamentals of the game as well as the storied history of basketball on the Fort Berthold Reservation.
Grady said the first week of the camp started with teaching the younger children how to get ready for basketball practice. He drafted the fifth grade basketball team to be his assistant coaches to show the younger players how to stretch and prepare for practice, which of course started with laps around the gym.

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