May 15, 2009

‘It’s time to stir the pot’

‘It’s time to stir the pot’
New Town head football coach Dave Williams says the future of the football program is currently at a crucial stage and more has to be done by parents and the community to get kids involved in playing the autumn game.
As a result, Williams has scheduled a meeting that will be held May 26 at 6 p.m. at the New Town football field. Interested players, parents and people concerned about making the New Town football program a success, are urged to attend.
“It’s kind of a turning point. We just came back to Class A after four years in AA competition that was pretty intense,” Williams said. “Our kids can compete in the future if the community comes together and makes it work.”
As an example of what Williams, as a coach, is up against, he said last August he had 37 kids turn out for practice and 20 quit during various stages of the season. At one point, midway through the season, only 12 kids were dressed for a home game that had a dismal crowd. After homecoming, seven boys quit the team, but one came back citing his parents wouldn’t let him quit.
“If I lose seven guys, I have to make a lot of changes on a dime,” Williams said. “Parents have to be more involved in their kids’ activities. Parents are often allowing the kids to quit and it’s based on what their friends are doing.”
He talked about the final game of the 2008 season at home against Watford City. He recalled it being a cold night and as he looked into the stands, he saw 30 or 40 Watford City fans cheering their team on. He could only see about three or four New Town fans braving the weather while the others were sitting in their cars. He said fan support in football can be as important as the number of players.

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