September 5, 2013

New Town Youth Soccer Program organizing

New Town Youth Soccer Program organizing
By Jerry W. Kram

It is the most popular sport in the world and now it is coming to the Fort Berthold Reservation.
Logan Schalk is organizing the New Town Youth Soccer Program for young girls and boys from pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade. While the program is starting in New Town, Schalk said he hoped to eventually expand the program all six segments of the Fort Berthold Reservation.
Schalk, who played soccer in Michigan, said 65 young people have signed up for the program so far. His goal is to have 110 participants in the program by mid-September.
“The project is meant to build teamwork and self discipline,” Schalk said. “It’s a way to make a kid a go-getter. It’s also a place where kids can blow off steam after school.”
The program, which is not affiliated with the New Town School District, will run through fall, spring and winter, Schalk said. He added that program could expand to being year-round depending on the availability of indoor practice space.
In the long run, Schalk said he would like to see a town soccer league develop on the reservation. He has been contacting groups and individuals in the other communities on the reservation to see if there is interest in organizing teams there. He wants to put together a reservation wide summer soccer camp in 2014.

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