November 27, 2009

NFHS begins certifying interscholastic coaches

NFHS begins certifying interscholastic coaches
The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has launched a national certification program for interscholastic coaches with the Level 1 Accredited Interscholastic Coach certificate.
To become certified by the NFHS, a coach must take three required professional development courses online — Fundamentals of Coaching, First Aid for Coaches or its equivalent and a sport-specific course or Teaching Sport Skills — and complete an application online at ( The cost of Level I certification is $50.
Coaches are encouraged to become certified for a number of reasons: to create a more educational environment and minimize risks for students, to stay current in the profession and to be nationally recognized — to name a few.
“Schools have many challenges facing them today, not the least of which is hiring coaches who understand their role in teaching life skills to students through the sport experience,” said Tim Flannery, NFHS assistant director and director of the NFHS Coach Education Program. “This does not automatically happen. It must be intentional.”
Flannery said when interscholastic coaches receive the proper training, they are able to provide their students a well-rounded education applicable to life beyond the playing field, and the entire community sees the benefits.
“School administrators today must continually demonstrate the educational value of athletics to ensure the support of the community, and having trained coaches on staff is paramount to that success,” said NFHS Executive Director Robert F. Kanaby.
Since January of 2007, more than 110,000 Fundamentals of Coaching courses have been delivered to interscholastic coaches across the United States.
Currently, 45 member state associations are using the NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching course as a requirement for coaching or as continuing professional development.

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