May 14, 2020

On Guard

Spring brings with it the first trips out into a greening countryside. 
Whether sneaking off to a favorite shore fishing spot or hanging up some trail cameras to catch the first glimpses of a buck caught on a memory card, spring adventures often set anglers and hunters up against flora and fauna that can be challenging. 
While we’re not exactly talking murder hornets in this neck of the woods (yet), a sampling of pesky plant and insect species should be examined and avoided, or at least warded off, at this time of year. 
Ticked Off
While there are a number of tick species, none are more ubiquitous in spring than the wood tick. With its brown body surrounding a smaller white teardrop shape on its back, it is typically easy to identify and poses the least harm of the various tick species to people who encounter it and are bitten. 
Contrary to its name, the wood tick is more often picked up from low grasses where it resides, awaiting a warm-blooded host to walk by and allow it to climb aboard. Headed for warm areas of the body where blood circulates close to the surface – armpits, scalp and ears especially – the wood tick locks on and begins feeding, often discovered in these areas if it isn’t removed from clothes or while crawling on skin. 

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