July 26, 2018

Roseglen defeats Makoti

“Erny Giffey of Roseglen, just pitched his signature left handed curve-ball to defeat top ranked Makoti in a nail bitter game.”
Although Giffey is no longer able to play the game he loves, he still holds the days he could play close to his heart. He’s a 1947 graduate of Ryder High School, 88 years old, and resides in the Benedictine Living Center in Garrison.
Giffey was the youngest player on Roseglen’s 1946-1956 legendary amateur baseball team, and now he’s the last living member.
Roseglen’s fourth team was in the Reservation League along with a number of other towns between 1946-1956: Hiddenwood, Elbowoods, Makoti, Ryder, Plaza, Janette, Parshall, Van Hook, Max, Sanish, Douglas and New Town. Gasman and the Minot Radar Base had teams off and on, as well.
“Roseglen went to the state tournament three times between 1946 and 1956,” Giffey said. “There were 44 teams in the state’s amateur league, and some of the toughest competition was right up the road in Makoti. We split with them.”
Baseball used to play a big role in the small communities around this region, bringing the rural people together every week.
“In the 50s we put on dances every spring in the Roseglen Hall to raise money for our field and equipment,” Giffey said. “We were able to buy red wooden snow fence to go around the edge of our field and everything. We had our field looking pretty nice.”
Every Wednesday night the team would practice and every Sunday afternoon there would be a game.

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