May 7, 2020

The Point of Return

This week marks an important point of return. I don’t know if that’s a real term, but it’s far less ominous than “the point of no return,” which has had its share of dramas, dark songs and thriller type novels written about it. 
The point of return, however, is that point in time where we’re now closer to the start of a hunting season than we are to the end of the previous one, and it should be celebrated. 
With New Year’s Eve typically the last day of bow hunting in most northern tier states, those final chances in the field typically come in late December, where a brief post-holiday warm up or a still evening allows for a sit on stand in the quiet woods or along the edge of a solid two-toed hoof trail in the first accumulated snow of the season. With the start of the next archery season set for September (give or take a few days for wherever and whenever you might read this), we’re now at the point where there are fewer days between us and the start of the next season and more leading back to the memories of time in the field last fall. 
While I recognize there’s tons of fishing yet to be done, and as always I am gettin

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